Support Mothers in Need

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Have you ever wondered how other women are faring, as family and friends load you up with gifts and other resources for your new baby? Well, once per year, expectant mothers can have a virtual baby gift registry where members can sign up and send these mothers necessary items, including but not limited to:


• Pacifiers
• Blankets
• Bottles
• Clothing
• Accessories
• Strollers
• Hampers
• Cribs
• Anything else!

We do the same thing annually (once per year) for back-to-school items. Mothers can post a virtual wishlist of up to 10 (ten) different types of items. Start choosing items for your wish list and then share it with your friends, who can donate the items to you.


Items Guidelines:

Participation: Should be a HERS magazine subscriber to receive items, but not required at this time.

Fees: No fees.

Content: Items given must be “like new” or new.

Solicitation: Users seeking items cannot personally contact any other member on the site in regard to support in this regard. Nor can those seeking items ask other members to pay them in any form.

Shipping: Receivers must pay for shipped item unless sender agrees to do so. Through the website, senders can also supply a gift card for shipping and/or other expenses.

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